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We had to rebrand this site into AutoLibrium which that name was our idea.  The main name from the client that demanded we create the site under Bogart’  We did inform him that AutoTrader in the name was not smart.  He did it anyways and hence why we at Profoundsyntax came up with the creative name called AutoLibrium.

AutoTrader literally called him and told him AutoTrader could not be in the name.  As web designers and SEO masters we already knew because the URL name itself AutoTrader has SEO connected to it.  Totally understandable that they told him to change it it would have stolen traffic and ranking from them.  Even worse people might have thought it was another platform from AutoTrader themselves.

After that this client, never listened to the masters of coding (us).  And went off and tried to code something new like what we did, failed!  Let the professionals do it for sure we are here for a reason.  There are screenshots of what we built and the aftermath of what Bogart did without us, this is the reason why what we ask for is little in comparison.

This site is no longer active.
Site Length Online: Years – 2010 to 2012

Bad Web Design and Development

As you can see the company that Bogart went to does not know how to design for future scalability.  Hence why we can see why this Oneza company is no longer in business.  There are not many that can do what we do.  Their site used a flash and outdated AJAX code.  The Flash and AJAX code used is not scalable to transition to future web designs.  Flash was about to go end of life as well.

We did not build this site below. We only built the one that you see above.

AutoLibrium's Death by Oneza automotive web design company
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