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Content Writers GamersConduit

Job Requirements:

We are looking for intern’s to apply for a year long commitment to prove their skills and writing ability.

After internship we will take a look at all aspects below:

  • Intern has been on time with agreed amount of writings monthly.
  • Writing quality
  • 10 – 15 Articles Weekly / 40 to 60 articles monthly

We will make a decision on hiring for full-time or part-time work.  This can and could become a career.  We will discus hiring salary after internship has been completed.

Job Other:

Job Type: Internship

Photo ID may be required and address information.  This is to make sure we have a legitimate and trust worthy intern.  This information will not be used for anything other to verify who you are.  Also, once internship is over, if you like to get paid.

This type of work for internship is great to tune in your skills in article writing.  This job is to be taken seriously.  We will remove you from the situation at anytime if you are not doing your internship agreement. 

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