NOTE: This site does not only cater to one country.  We are a global site hence the reason we have several warehouses worldwide.  Products on this site will let you know via drop-down SHIP FROM where that individual product is available.  If the product is in our USA warehouses it will state the United States via the dropdown.

Some examples of places that you could select to get your products shipped from are the United States (our warehouses), Australia, Spain, the Russian Federation, China, etc…  We will add more so globally everyone can feel comfortable in their deliveries.  This site does not favor only one country.

Free Shipping Options are Available on the majority of our products. So, on that note, we have added the shipping cost to all of the products in a drop-down menu via cart and/or checkout.

Need To Know:

  • On the shipping drop-downs, there will be couriers, time-frames, and shipping costs for each individual product.  Some of our couriers are free and others are for faster delivery.
  • Once the product/products are Shipped there are no canceling orders – they are on their way.  If the product is fulfilled if you contact us before it is shipped we can possibly stop the products from being shipped.  If not, you will have to wait for the product to be received you.  Once this is done, we can then consider a partial refund or refund once shipped to us for examination.  If after examination of the product/products we will make a decision rather partial refund or refund or no refund at all.
  • Also, we are not the postal office – you will receive a tracking number and a button/link from the origin country that they are shipped from.
  • We do not reply back to shipping questions such as ETA from old or new orders. Customers will need to contact the shipping providers once the products have been received by the destination country or local postal office. Some do not need it if the customer purchases a product/products that are located in our warehouses in your local area.
  • Make sure you read the shipping time-frames on the shipping you have selected for each individual product.  This will tell you when and around the time that you will receive that individual product even before you receive a tracking number.

Processing Time: [MUST READ]
Processing is usually 2 to 7 business days. For Amazon Pay, first-time users’ processing could take up to 7 business days. Processing, Fulfillment, and Shipped are only done Monday thru Friday.

Processing is usually 2 to 7 business days. For Card Users, first-time users’ processing could take up to 7 business days. Processing, Fulfillment, and Shipped are only done Monday thru Friday.

Weekends are not business days if you order on Friday then Monday will be the next business day, thank you for understanding.

After the first purchase processing, it will not take long to process future orders.  Customers will have to go through several reviews for past purchases from well-known sites to check if their information is not fraudulent or has any bad reputation for bad activities.

Ship From – Holidays For Other Manufacturers [Must read]: Also, depending on where you are having your products shipped from certain parts of the year can have a waiting period due to other country holidays.  For example, Chinese New Year can take up to 2-3 weeks for them to get back to the warehouses there to ship products.  This includes people that purchase from this site that live in China.  Chinese New Year is basically 16 days for their celebration.  We only place this as an example because they are usually the only country that celebrates this long and customers will have to wait for them to return to production and shipping.

Faster Shipping Options

There are other options on individual products that have a Paid Shipping For Faster Delivery such as:

  • DHL
  • EMS
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • UPS Express Saver

Our Shipping / Seller’s Shipping – This is our Free Shipping Options

Please note that dropdowns that state Our Listed Free Shipping Options can take up to 45 – 120 days for delivery listed below.  Depending on the issues with the world [Pandemic/Quarantine] it could take a little longer. Please be patient as you chose Free Shipping or the product only supports this slower shipping method.  It will not take more than 120 days if so we will take action and contact the manufacture for resolve and a possible refund after 120 days.  This usually does not happen but this COVID has slowed everyone down.  Thanks for your understanding.

  • Profoundsyntax Direct
  • Seller’s Shipping Method – US
  • Our Premium Shipping
  • Our Standard Shipping
  • Seller’s Shipping Method

Sometimes these regular shipping methods are fast but depending on global issues can be slow hence why we give it up to 120 days max for free shipping, our shipping, sellers shipping any of the ones listed above.  Some customers have gotten their products within 2 weeks or before with these methods as well.

Note: It can take longer if we are in a pandemic as we are not in control of the postal office and will not give refunds when a product has been shipped.  We are not responsible for customers not reading the terms they have agreed to at the checkout.  We are not the postal office nor take responsibility for other companies’ slow actions.  We are in a PANDEMIC, we are not a shipping company – we are a store only.

Note: Our main headquarters address: 4083 Avenue L. #121, Lancaster, California is not a warehouse.  Our Shipping Method can be shipped from the USA, Germany, China, Switzerland, Spain Etc…  Do not get mistaken on this.  Our headquarters office is not a shipping warehouse.  If a product is not available in Origin Country we will contact our global distributors to ship your products within the same time frame stated on the dropdown menu that you selected.  Remember, once an order is fulfilled it is basically shipped with tracking information being propagated.  Only a partial or no refund will be applied if a customer is impatient with their choices.