We offer a variety of services. We try to meet all the needs we can for our customers. Below is a list of services we offer along with what each one is.

  1. Advertising
  2. Audio-Video Streaming
  3. Database Creation
  4. Web Hosting
  5. Website Transfers
  6. Web Design
  7. Web Development
  8. Consulting
  9. Domain Registration
  10. Redesign of Old Web sites
  11. Content Management

Much more is coming in the future…


· SEO / SEM  is offered for your website. With the appropriate keywords for you website we can get your website to show up on the first few pages of any search engine. This is a separate product setup cost and monthly charge.

  • Why Does this Cost? SEM (Search Engine Marketing) has to be monitored constantly. Keywords need to be updated to be competitive monthly.
  • How long to see results? There is no exact time for it to show up. But within 3 months to a year your website will start traveling to the top. This is not guaranteed because your website also needs to have content that will draw in customers. It takes time for the major search engines to “crawl” your website and then we monitor your keywords and update them accordingly. Sometimes if your website starts receiving traffic immediately and word of mouth works then you will see results faster.
  • What techniques do we use? We use what is called Link Building to help advertise your website. The more links you have connected to your website from other websites it helps push your website. We add in as many social networking links requested by the customer. IF they do not know about the social networking websites we will provide information about them.
  • Google Adwords & CafePPC – When search engine submissions have been achieved we will move to Google Adwords and CafePPC. Google Adwords and CafePPC are campaign tools that put your Ad online via Google and CafeChoo.

· Social Networking

a. One of the easier advertising and more cost-efficient methods is to use social media to advertise your website.

b. We offer the following to help advertise. Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, YouTube, LinkedIn and several other potential populated sites. This helps expose you to a vast community on the internet and can help push your website. We also can setup blogs for your website.

· Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

a. What is pay per click? Pay per click is an advertising model used for websites which advertisers pay their host only when their ad is clicked. Pay-per-click is usually charge a flat rate instead of bidding.

b. What do we do? We create a Google and CafePPC account to link all sites that will be using ads.

· E-Bay Setup

a. We will setup an EBay account for clients and store design for a one time setup fee for $500.00.

b. What do we do? We create an eBay account for you and post the products up there to be sold.

· Facebook Fan Page Creations

a. One Time Setup fee of $425.00. This does not cover the campaigning cost.  this is only for creating one Fan page that can be promoted through campaigning at a separate cost.

b. Please contact us with more information on how Facebook Ad works.

· Facebook Ad Campaigns

a. Facebook Ad Campaigns can be purchased by buying an SEO / SEM package at our service payment system.

· YouTube Commercial or Commercial

a. If you need a video created for your YouTube or just need a video designed and created.  We do a one time fee of $2000.00.  This is for any type of commercial.  Only limit is that the commercial can not be longer than 25 seconds.

· Capture and Landing Page Services

a. Prerequisites – Client will have to purchase web hosting at least Basic – 1 Month $29.90 plus tax for 1 month.  We will not do these pages on already owned hosting.

b. One Time Setup Fee for capture or landing page cost $200.00.

c. What are capturing pages? A capture page is one page website that will generate traffic for any business online. The page has an email system implemented on that page for visitors to fill out agreeing to give this information to enter the site that business what them to see. This way you can collect their information legally and add their information to an Auto Responder System to send newsletters and more relevant information to them. This way you are not spamming them and they are getting what they want.

d. What we offer in this package? We start with Google Adwords and CafePPC campaigns. We use social networking tools to help further your website like Twitter, Digg, Facebook, LinkClerks, and more.

Email Blast Packages

a. Target marketing – Each State is an individual depending on package selected.

b. Email Marketing is one of the most effective and personal advertising methods there is online. The next best thing is TV commercial placement (which is very expensive).

The more emails blast bought you get more of an discount.

Email marketing done right is a very effective method to reach out to potential customers for your website.

For larger packages than the set pricing that we offer Custom Quotes can be created Contact Us via contact page (custom quote). Pricing for email services can be seen on our Sign Up Page.