Content Management Systems: Blogs, Discussion Boards.

WordPress, PHP BB, Joomla 1.5, Mambo, Nucleus SMF, Joomla, b2evolution, Drupal, PHP Nuke, Xoops and anything that requires PHP coding.  We are experts in several other programming or markup languages.

We also do integration/migration of other management systems. Basically, anything that needs a SQL database or script implementation to tie with your web design.


Domain Registration, Web hosting, Web Design, Advertising, Webmaster Take Overs, Reconstruction of Old Site/Sites, Mass Emailing List, Responsive Designs, and much more….


Dedicated Servers must be purchased at our Service Payment System.  Video and streaming sites are in major demand this requires that a client purchase their own Manage Dedicated Server or Non-Managed Dedicated Server.

Other package pricing can be obtained at our PAYSTATION page, must be logged in.


Making Money: (become a referer)

Do you surf the net just looking around sometime? All of a sudden you run into a site, and go oh crap, WHO DESIGNED THIS MESS? Well, we will pay you to send us the sites you run into that are a sad representation online.

Now, this is the deal email us on the contact page. Stating that you want to become a referralist. We will create folder for all referral members. All you have to do is send us the site (url) that was a crappy site. If the site owner replies back to get their site done. We will pay you for your referrals.

If we build a 1,000 dollar website for a new referral that you have sent us. You get 100 dollars. If we do a 10,000 site we will pay you 1,000.00, and so. Simple and easy, to make money for just surfing the net, and sending us the URLS.

Click here to go to our contact page, sub-menu REGARDING, and select refer. Add your information, and in comments area add “new refer”. We will create a folder for you, and every time you send a email to us with the site that you think could us some services from us.

We will add their URL to your list of referrals. Once, that company agrees to getting their site done, you will get paid or clients here can get free hosting added, etc… to their existing account.


What is web-mastering takeovers? Profound Syntax can take over clients existing website maintenance and updating.

This usually happens when another webmaster of a soon to be client of Profound Syntax can not continue to service the client.  Or the client doesn’t want to run the website themselves (or don’t know to maintain it).