I. General Information

a. All websites can be customized to meet the needs of the website. If you wish to have a customized website please email customerservice@profoundsyntax.com.

b. All images should be sent to customerservice@profoundsyntax.com.

c. Website construction will start after half the payment has been deposited and upon completion the other half will be due. If the payment is not paid with 72 hours of the completion date the website hosting will be canceled.

d. Web Design is the overall look and feel of the site.

e. The content of the website is not our responsibility, unless we are paid for content creation at which point you will have to consult with us for the things you want inside your website.

f. Web-Hosting is offered at Profound Syntax. This is an essential service if you wish to have a website with any company. It is where your website “lives”.

g. Web Development is where Profound Syntax creates the website from start to finish including all images, videos, audios, coding, style, etc that are needed. To ease the process, please provide us with an outline, plan, idea that you want for your website.

h. Content creation is the process of creating the bulk of your website. Unless you request and pay for this service you will not receive it.

i. User Documentation we provide this upon request for a fee. Since we our webmasters it is our job to maintain the site. The fee will be explained in the fees section.

j. Consulting we offer this service as well. Be well prepared beforehand if you wish to consult with us on business matters or web matters. Our time is valuable and so is yours! So, don’t waste it!

k. Upon site completion, you will receive the final invoice for the one time design fee. Once product is complete the transaction is considered to be complete.

l. This page can be changed and/or updated at any time for any reason. Rules and fees can change at Profound Syntax for any reason at any time.

II. Refunds

a. No refunds will be granted for works-in-progress or completed projects. This also applies to other services we offer. Before ordering any of our services be sure you know what you want from Profound Syntax. If you are unsure we are here to help either by phone or email about anything this website offers.

b. A refund will only be given if there hasn’t been any work done on the website at all.

III. Website Updates

a. Small updates consist of changes in text, uploading an image, etc. The fee will be shown in the Fees section.

b. Medium updates consist of multiple changes to text, multiple images uploads, etc. The fee will be shown in the Fees section.

c. Large updates consist of large changes in text, large volumes of images, audio, video, or total redesign of the website and other similar changes. The fee will be shown in the Fees section.

IV. Late Payments

a. A late fee of $30.00 dollars will be charge upon any payments received after the day of the main payment plan.

b. The invoices for services will be sent out two to three days in advance of any pay period.

c. To avoid the late fee, it is best to pay as soon as the invoice is received or on the due date of the payment otherwise you will be sent a reactivation invoice.

V. Site transference/Hosting Migration/Website Copyrights

a. Transferring to other webmasters can be done. If a site is a work in progress, and you would like to transfer the website to another webmaster you will be charged full payment and until full payment is received you will not get your website transferred.

b. The completion of the website is not our responsibility if you decided to abandon us before the work is complete.

c. Complete site transfers will cost half of what the original design fee. Once payment is received we will send the site to you or your new webmaster.

d. To make it clear, you pay us to design a website not for the actual rights to the creation unless you paid for it up front. If you do not pay for the copyrights the design of the website, content that was created by us, or anything that was done by our labor is to be considered our intellectual property until a fee is paid. The fee for copyrights purchasing will be seen in the Fees section.

e. Until, the fee is paid we reserve the right to keep the design, content (unless it was provided by you), and anything else associated with it until you pay.

VI. Fees/Charges

a. Consulting – for any business or website consulting. If an in-person meeting is required for design assistance before a payment has been made to confirm the project – we require 75hr for two hour minimal – only payment due before meeting.

b. User Documentation – Since the nature of our websites are highly customized Profound Syntax has to account for changes we make. We charge a flat fee of 65 dollars.

c. Content Creation – for content creation the cost is variable based on how much content is wanted by the customer. Prices start at 300 dollars.

d. Web-Hosting – starts at 49.90 monthly. We offer several packages please see Services & Utilities for further reference.

e. Web-Design – Based on customers ideas and what we need to implement. So fill out the free quote form and we will respond quickly with a quote for you.

f. Web Development – Based on customers ideas and what we need to implement. So fill out the free quote form and we will respond quickly with a quote for you.

g. Copyrights Fee if client wants to leave or gain access to hosting (CPANEL or FTP). Clients are not granted access to hosting unless client pays for full copyrights to site. Full copyrights is half of the one time design fee.

VII. Contracts

a. We are no longer accepting verbal agreements as contracts. You will have to submit your written approval either by email with our contract form attached with your signature or send us a signed copy of the contract via standard mail.

VIII. Brand Removal

a. Brand Removal is available for all the websites we do. If you do not wish to have the “Designed by: Profoudn Syntax Studio” on your website you must inform of us the decision and agree to the fee of 300 dollars. Otherwise, we deserve the credit for what we do.

IX. Copyright Information

a. Profound Syntax owns your graphics, audio, video, or any other content we design. Unless you pay for the copyright information we still own it. All content will not be transferred to a new owner unless rights are purchased.

Note: We have the right to cancel further add-ons or free add-ons to site after layout has been made complete. Completed site are sites that are complete in customizing a layout or purchased layout for tweaking. Projects under $350.00 are most likely to be web design not web development. Projects without signed contracts of what client is getting in full detail are subject to our terms fully. We take care of our clients and give extra if client comply to our rules. Verbal agreements can be broken if client decide to disrespect our terms and conditions at all. If a contract is signed client will get exactly what is in contract unless pay for extra labor, functions, development or design.

Basically be an honest person, comply to our terms, and communicate with us. This will make a very pleasant business venture on both sides of the coin. We reserve the right to not do business or cancel hosting, and unsigned contracts with clients at anytime. Refunds are not made once client has subscribed (hosting, web design, web development) or started labor wise. It is not our responsibility to inform a client to come to our site and read our terms and conditions. Client should know what is read here before purchasing and moving forward with working with us and agreeing to these terms (knowing what is stated here without us needing to inform them of their lack of reading). On both pages one and two as there is an clickable link that will guide clients to page 2 of our terms and conditions above.

Support Ticket System:

We have a support ticket system that will be used for clients to request support. Clients can be put in a queue to receive help, hosting, and more. Clients that have hosting ownership can use this also to receive help with them damaging their hosting (per payment) to do so. The ticket system is great so that we can get to issue fast. All request of tickets needs to give Profound Syntax Staff 48 to 72 hours to reply. Direct calls to Profound Syntax are not excepted unless client has a site in development stage or priority service has been paid for. So, get use to the support ticket system it can be your best friend.

Priority Service Packages:

This is to let any client know that the priority service packages can be canceled anytime. Only reasons we would cancel this service is if the client/clients get out of control, rude, or disrespectful. We reserve the right to not have to deal with ignorance on any level. That being said. We will not refund any money for this service. If client/clients does not want to communicate properly we will move their support to the ticket system. They will become priority in the queue. So, basically do not abuse the priority phone we are very busy and have no time for game players. Straight to the business is what we do and expect this of our priority clients.

License/Licenses Purchased:

Any licenses purchased from our development or development from other software are ownership of Profound Syntax (as a solution). In order for a client to obtain a purchased license from us. Client has to pay the amount to us that ties to that license/licenses. This is so that our developers will receive the full amount spent from our one time design fee for the site/sites in question. If client doesn’t purchase the license from us they will have to purchase from the developer that we custom their site from.

If client doesn’t pay us for that license we will have the right to sell it or use it for our own needs. If there is no written contract for partnership with site we have the right to sell or reuse license/licenses. Client has to purchase that owned license/licenses from us or purchase a new one from developer that create the main script/software.

Example: Classifieds Ad script from other developers that require a license. We pay out of our pocket as apart of the development stage to tweak their software to meet the needs of our client/clients. This is called web solutions from us. It would cost to much for a client to get full development at an affordable price from scratch. Web Solutions is subject for client to pay out site work in full.

Note: If client uses the script without purchasing license/licenses from us or a new one from developer we will contact developer about this matter. Client could be sued or taken to court for stolen script/software. So, the best thing to do is to be honest and purchase existing license/licenses from us or buy a new one.

Licenses are mainly purchased and owned by us. This is a measure of connecting with the Profound Syntax Family. We have the right to redistributed licenses if the client is no longer with us. These license purchases has nothing to do with the one time design fee. Client will pay only for design level and one time design fee quote. Licenses purchased from other scripts or web solutions from partnered developers are ownership of Profound Syntax.com.

Contact Information:

These terms can change at anytime please make sure you check out our terms on the occasionally. This is the client responsibility to do so.

Webmaster TakeOvers are different if we are taking over a website that is on someone elses webhosting, and is not on our server. Clients can move over to us and save a load of money. If we take on a website that is on another hosting service we will have to do half of the webmaster takeover plan package that applies to their site from our services section. If we design logos, banners, flash representation on another hosting we take the risk of losing our copyrights, and being blocked out of all our work. So this is why we charge full price for webmaster takeovers. The client is basically buying the full rights to own everything that we design on their site, with their webhosting company that’s not ours. We do recommend clients come to Profound Syntax.com full service (webhosting etc..).

New added updates posted by Derek a.k.a. dskins. July. 17, 2008

These are just updates/add-ons to the FULL TERMS. Project/s pricing add-ons: Anything that is new being added to the site/s will be paid first before we implement them to the site/s needing to be applied to. This goes for updates, services, all the programs we offer. We only charge half on the one time webdesign fee.

Site Development:

When we start building a site the first half is mandatory. Once, we have finished the layout of the site this is a completed site. Layout means the structure of the site, not the content being added to the site. Content is a part of the clients responsibility to provide.

Layout Understanding:

The final payment for the site is when the homepage is created and the client agrees to the site of the homepage being the look they like. No other pages will be added till the final payment is processed, once the final payment is processed the site will continue with being developed (others pages, completing the site). Just because the site has been paid for the one time design fee doesn’t mean we don’t push to get the clients site completed. Once, the client sends all the content needed the site/sites will be completed with in the time frame agreed upon.


Now, for people that send new business to Profound Syntax.com will recieve extra special treatment. The new clients referred to us has to purchase a website or webmaster takeover. We will give betweeen 1 to 4 months of free hosting to the existing account (only one account per new referal). Clients with us can only get added free services.

Paymnet Structure below is only for people that aren’t Profound Syntax.com existing clients »

Referalist Payment Structure:

10 percent will be sent to referalist – so if a client gets a 1000.00 website done you will recieve 100.00.

Example of pay for sites:

New client sent to us gets a

250.00 site = 25.00

500.00 site = 50.00

1,000.00 site = 100.00

5,000.00 site = 500.00

10,000.00 site = 1,000.00

Paypal Percentage Added to all Invoices: We will be adding paypal percentage to all invoices. Single to multiple invoice will be taxed at 2.9% to take care of paypals price for processing credit cards. So all invoices will have a 2.9% percent added for taxes even on contracts that already exist with us.

Why is our structure better than other webdesigners?

This is the reason why, other companies charge a setup fee and demand that soon to be clients pay right away in full. Setups usually cost around $149.00 and up, with other hidden charges later on down the road. We tell our clients right from the start the pricing and what to expect from us.

Major things needed to know:

1. One-Time Web Design Fee

2. Web hosting Monthly Payment after first free month.

3. Updates to site once completed are charged a monthly flat rate or as individual payments if updates are less then the flat rate plan.

4. Remember, we are not responsible for content. We will get your site design started and layout wise finished. This means that the final second half of design fee will be collected (as site is complete on our end). Once, client has all their content ready we will add the content into their site/sites. The site/sites will be completed as soon as the client sends or uploads the content. We are not responsible for clients lack of readiness.